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Products & Services
HealthFirst Federal Credit Union offers a multitude of services to our members:
Savings (Share) Account
There is a $25.00 minimum deposit required to open a savings account and entitles you to all the other benefits and services at the Credit Union. Dividends on savings are calculated on the average daily balance and are payable monthly. Make your Credit Union the place to save money!

*PLEASE NOTE* Please insure that there are transactions in your SHARE account at least annually. Healthfirst FCU’s policy requires that when a deposit account has no activity for two (2) years, the account becomes “inactive” or “dormant” and is subject to a $5.00 monthly fee until the account is activated. A simple $1.00 deposit is enough to keep your account active, and making that deposit annually will insure that you never become inactive.

It is NOT our goal to fee your account. It is our goal to ensure that your account is not termed “Dormant” as described by Maine Law. If the account remains inactive for three (3) years, the account then becomes “abandoned property” and the balance, at the time, must be turned over to the State of Maine (by law) as unclaimed property.

If your account has not had any activity for some time, please activate it as soon as possible to avoid the monthly fee and avoid your funds being defined as “abandoned”.

Checking (Share Draft) Account

If you think all checking accounts are alike, it’s time you checked us out. A Credit Union Checking Account can save you a bundle in service charges and individual check processing fees. Along with economic benefits, our checking account gives you the security of automatically transferring money from your savings account to your checking account to cover a check when there are insufficient funds. There’s no minimum balance required. You receive monthly statements and canceled checks are stored on discs for your convenience.

Club Account

You can use a Club Account to save for just about anything – Christmas, vacation, taxes or all-purpose. Club Accounts make it easy to save, through Payroll Deduction, and you earn dividends like our regular Share Account.

Youth Accounts (Age: Birth – 18 yrs.)

All children’s accounts require a deposit of $25.00 to open, but earn dividends on all amounts of $5.00 or more.

HealthFirst FCU knows how important it is to start teaching our children at a very early age how important it is to learn how to manage their finances by learning good savings habits. For each child that opens a savings account, HealthFirst will deposit $10.00.

Share Certificate

If you’re looking for a savings account that offers higher dividends than regular savings without tying up your money for a long period of time, a Share Certificate may be the answer. We offer fixed rate Certificates as short as six months and as long as thirty-six months. These shorter terms allow you to earn dividends without losing access to your funds in a practical amount of time. Our Certificates require a minimum deposit of $500 for terms up to twelve months and $1000 for terms of eighteen to thirty-six months. Early withdrawals will be subject to a penalty of ninety days interest.

Individual Retirement Account

Plan now to enjoy a comfortable retirement by opening a Credit Union Individual Retirement Account (IRA). With benefits such as higher dividends than regular savings and tax-deferred interest earnings, an IRA is a perfect supplement to other sources of retirement income. You can contribute once a week, once a year or however often you’d like, as long as you stay within the contribution limits.

The Taxpayer Relief Act Act of 1997 created a variety of new IRA options. Not only did it change rules for the traditional IRA, but it also introduced the Roth and Education IRAs. Traditional IRAs are more attractive than ever because expanded income limits mean more people will be able to make tax-deductible contributions. In addition, penalty-free withdrawals are allowed for qualified higher-education expenses.

Contributions to both Roth IRA or Education IRA aren’t tax-deductible, but the accounts offer the opportunity for tax-free earnings.

When you are ready to contribute to an IRA, please contact us. We’re here to help you save for your goals with an IRA

Check Reordering! Time to reorder more checks and not sure how to do so? Give us a call at either branch ( Waterville 207-877-9474 ) and we would be more then happy to order them for you!

Convenient Financial Services

iTalkiTalk- Phone Service

You can enjoy the convenience of using a telephone to access your credit union accounts from home, work and even if you are out of town. With this phone service system, you can make account inquiries, transfer funds form one account to another, and make withdrawals from your Share or Share Draft account. All you need is a touch-tone phone and our special access codes. The phone numbers for iTalk are: Waterville 207-313-5103 Augusta 207-629-3996 Toll Free 1-855-317-1262

Direct Deposit Nothing is safer or more convenient than direct deposit. With this service you can electronically transfer your paycheck to the account you choose. You get an earnings statement on payday that gives you important information like tax withholdings and your net deposit. It’s that simple – your funds are ready for withdrawal with no more waiting for checks to clear.

CU24 cardVISA DEBIT CARD It’s an ATM card…only better! The HealthFirst FCU VISA Check Card allows you to charge purchases against your checking account.

You’ll enjoy free unlimited ATM usage when you perform transactions at our ATM machines located at the  Thayer Unit of MaineGeneral Medical Center in Waterville, as well as 361 Old Belgrade Road Augusta inside the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care, and at Point of Sale terminals.

The VISA® Check Card gives you instant access to cash, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you’re near home or traveling across the country – or even around the world. Through the regional and national networks, the VISA® Check Card allows you to get cash, transfer funds and check balances at more than 70,000 locations worldwide displaying the NYCE®, PLUS®, TX®, Member Access®, or CU24® logos. Click here to find the nearest Credit Union ATM to you.

To apply for the CU24sm VISA® Check Card, first read the following Electronic Funds Transfer and Cardholders Agreement, then click on the following link and print out the application. After completing the application, please bring, fax, or mail the finished application to:

HealthFirst Federal Credit Union 9 Quarry Road Waterville, Maine 04901 Fax: (207)877-6615

Click here for the CU24sm VISA® Check Card Application

Notification Procedure – It you believe that your card, PIN or other information which could provide electronic access to your account has been LOST or STOLEN or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without permission, call us at 877-9474 or after business hours, please call 1-800-472-3272 (within U.S.), 973-656-2345 (outside U.S. collect) or write us at the Credit Union.

SURF Alliance
Say “Hello” to SURF Dude, and Say “Goodbye” to ATM Fees!
SURF DudeThe surcharge free ATM network that you have come to rely on has a new look! Now, when you see SURF Dude, you know that you’re in the SURF Zone – and that means no ATM fees! Because Health First FCU is part of the SURF ATM Network, you can save at least an average of $300 a year on surcharge fees at over 200 ATM locations throughout Maine, one of the largest ATM networks in the state. With the SURF network, ‘no fees’ means just that—not only will you see no fees at your ATM, there are no hidden fees anywhere else! In addition, a number of SURF ATM locations give thousands of Maine credit union members the ability to not only access cash but to also make deposits, surcharge free. The SURF ATM Network now includes over 90% of the state’s 67 credit unions, meaning a SURF Zone is never far away! For a complete listing of the SURF ATM locations in Maine where you can find SURF Dude, visit and click on “Find an ATM”.


HealthFirst Federal Credit Union has 2 ATM’s for our members convenience. Two are located in MaineGeneral Medical Center. One at the Thayer Unit at 149 North St. in the Emergency Room (ER) and our second ATM is located inside the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care at 361 Old Belgrade Road in Augusta.

Payroll Deduction This service enables you to transfer funds from your paycheck to a Savings/Club account, or make a loan payment. The transfer amounts are determined by you and the automatic deduction makes paying bills or saving money easy!

Drive-Through Window with Convenient Hours 9 Quarry Rd. – Monday & Wednesday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Tuesday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM & Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00PM

Night Depositories We have a night depository at 9 Quarry Rd., Waterville available available for a secure and convenient way to deposit cash and checks.

MONEY ORDERS We offer money orders in any amount up to $1000.00 that the member has a need for.

U.S. Savings Bonds As of December 31, 2011 Healthfirst FCU no longer sells U.S. Savings Bonds. In order to purchase them please visit their website at and purchase online. Healthfirst FCU does redeem all types of U.S. Savings Bonds. For more information please contact our branches.

Insurance Products

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: $3,000.00 FREE per primary member 18 years and older.
  • Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: (Member Pay)
  • Credit Disability Insurance: (Member Pay)
  • Loan Protection Insurance: (Member Pay)
  • Exended Waranty and GAP Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance: (Member Pay)
  • EQUINOX INSURANCE SERVICES: Here is where Credit Union members and other savvy Mainers shop for their Home, Auto, Life Business and all other insurance needs.

Notary Public Services We offer FREE Notary Public Services to our members.

Wire Transfer HealthFirst FCU can wire transfer funds anywhere in the world


Your Savings is Federally Insured to at least $250,000 and Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Please take this opportunity to review our Privacy Policy Copyright © 2014 HealthFirst Federal Credit Union.

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